Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coconut Shrimp

Once you have had the coconut shrimp from Macky's in Hawaii you totaly crave it. well i was doing okay till my wonderful friends in hawaii keep talking about out how they are going to the shrimp truck and going to north shore that made me want to have some so here i go experimanting on how to make coconut shrimp. it wasn't what i wanted :( i need to find out how they make it at Macky's i have the sauce they use :D it is very very good you can use it for lots of things lumpia, egg rolls, fish sticks, or as a hot sweet and sour sauce. so i got some milk and mixed in some shaved coconut (i used sweetened that is were i went wrong) then let the shrimp soak in there for a couple hours in the fridge. i then mixed flour with salt & pepper made an egg wash and placed some coconut in a bowl. took the shrimp from the milk and placed it in the flour then egg wash then coated it in the coconut. and fried it in the deep fryer. the coconut burns fast so be careful. i didn't like that so i also tried mixing the coconut in with the flour and then fry it and i liked it better but it was still to sweet and not anything like Macky's but that is okay i tried. i think next time i will use coconut milk and try to find unsweetened coconut flakes.


  1. It's hard to find unsweetened coconut shreds!

  2. i know but i got to get it cause it was to sweet in the shrimp