Monday, March 15, 2010

P.F.Chang's chicken-lettuce wraps

We also made lettuce wraps they where so good all they where missing was the sauce that they make at the table. it was a great night of food at my house i loved well everything but the fried rice that my brother made.. LOL it normally is great and some of the best friend rice i have ever had till we decided to change it up. and we ended up with a Frankenstein fried rice and it was so gross. i can't even tell you what was in it LOL. okay so back to the Lettuce wraps. i got this recipe from the same book from the book fair. we didn't make the cellophane noodles only cause we don't eat them when we are at P.F.Chang's so why make them at home and waste the money and time. and like i said it was just like we were at the restaurant all we needed was the sauce.. loved this one :D

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